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Electrical Installation Condition Reports

Electrical installation condition reports in accordance with BS 7671 17th Edition Wiring Regulations are available for domestic, commercial and industrial properties

Photographs indicated below were taken during recent inspections

All installations should be checked on a regular basis, the harsher the environment the level between intervals should be increased. Domestic properties should be tested at a maximum of ten years, but we often find these are never carried out. If you are in the process of purchasing a property we would strongly advise that you arrange for an Electrical Installation Condition Report to be obtained prior to the purchase.

Always obtain several quotes for this as prices vary considerably, the purpose of the report is to obtain enough information of the condition and recommendations on the fixed wiring, most house holder’s go for the cheapest quote, but we have found that the companies offering the cheapest prices do not thoroughly test the entire installation but only carry out the easy parts.

The purpose of the test is to ensure that the property you live in, rent out or intend to purchase is safe, by saving a few pounds in the first instance could cost you a whole lot more in the long run in terms of money and safety.

Remember the golden rule
Cheap, fast, good.

  • Install quickly and to a high standard, but then it will not be cheap.
  • Install something quickly and cheaply, but it will not be of high quality.
  • Install something with high quality and cheaply, but it will take a relatively long time.